Colline Novaresi Barbera Vigna Di Mezzo 2017

Vigneti Valle Roncati S.a.r.l.

Red Alto Piemonte - Italy
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Tasting notes of winery's winemaker

Traditional red wine making process, where the must (pulp) ferments together with the grape skins and carefully selected yeasts. The wine ferments in controlled temperature stainless steel barrels and then is clarified naturally through repeated decanting.

Finally, in the summer following the harvest, the wine is bottled and stored in controlled climate rooms.

Deep ruby color with purple shades. The bouquet has persistent yet very refined notes of ripe fruits. The taste is delicate and well-balanced: the acidity of this grape variety is elegantly intertwined with various aromas, which gives this wine its smooth and lengthy finish.

Excellent with red meat and cold cuts. Ideal serving temperature:

18 degrees Celsius.